As some of you already know...we are under going a major change.  In January 2018 I started packing up the shop because I desperately needed a new roof.  Our 50 year old pole building needed some love.  So it took me almost 3 months to pack it all up and move it out.  And as these things go, not as planned, of course, we ended up adding on both up and out.  So some major changes.  

So for now, I'm painting out of our spare bedroom.  All my inventory is packed and stored in my enclosed trailer.  And we are working non-stop to get the new building back up and running.  So hopefully, by sometime in July, we will be open again.  I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished project!

And we are having a sale to honor Etsy's birthday of 13 years!  So starting June 18th and going until June 23rd, we are offering a sale of 10% off with no minimum purchase!  So enjoy!  I'll be posting again soon!