Welcome to The Wishing Well Studio blog!

 I started my shop just a few short 16 years ago, my mother actually got me started. She wanted to take some lessons that a local woman was giving in our local Joann Fabrics store, but none of my 5 sisters would go with her. So I reluctantly agreed to go, and of course I was hooked immediately. I started painting on the weekends, and then it grew to weekends plus a few nights a week. And before I knew what hit me I was painting every day and had taken over our basement completely. So I was painting almost every day just trying to keep up with orders from friends and a few small businesses that I was painting for locally. My husband built a new pole barn for his toys, so I sweetly talked him into converting his old garage into a work space for me so that I could get out of the basement. And so it began... the beginning of my craft sickness. I absolutely love painting, and do it everyday. I have a small painting studio that I open at my home on the weekends. I teach painting classes once a month. And I can't imagine doing anything else. So now I am on this wonderful journey, lost in my insanity of creativity, and am blissfully unaware of the outside world. Thank you for those of you who continue to support my business. I appreciate each and every one of you, for you allow me to wallow in my own world awhile longer. Enjoy browsing, and as always, I welcome any chance to discuss questions or concerns personally, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

One last thing

I have been painting like crazy!!! I have some new Christmas ornament designs coming out in the next week or so, keep your eyes open for some great new things! And I'm going to try to post some pictures and videos of my process and my shop, as some of you have been asking, So if you see something in my pictures or videos that you like and I don't have online, just message me, and I'll do my best to accomodate you!  Thanks for joining me!